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About Adam

28379068_603069730030463_4176759267608388427_nI am an artist, turning photography into hand drawn memories as canvas and framed artwork.  

One step beyond photography. Capturing the feeling and emotion of a moment to produce canvas artwork and framed gifts.

I can put your angels with the loved ones of today and make a new memory, This way I am doing something that matters to you as my customer and has a personal connection.

I am constantly creating. As life is energy, coupled with intention, human emotions and past life imprints all together equals the life you are living today.

Having your photo painted is a great way to keep your memories alive. Everyone of us have some photos we hold dear in our memories and want to keep them safe.

Mostly working in pen and ink, pencil, chalk and charcoal I mostly do black and white drawings although I have started playing with the digital effects in Photoshop to create coloured backdrops.

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